You are welcome to come and have a look. We will make a tour in a house and tell you about everything in detail. Please agree the meeting in advance on phone +372 6450051 or by e-mail

Elderly home SÕPRUS 

(could be called pension or

retirement home)

We have created homely and cosy environment meeting the needs of the elderly at every step and making the time away from home nice and comfortable.


The warm-hearted and qualified staff of the elderly home SÕPRUS helps our residents to stay happy and dignified.


15 JANUARY 2019


The wish to stay respectable and lead a life of dignity, preserve independence, nice life environment and good people around oneself is lifelong. 


We wish to offer cosiness and care, nice and secure living environment. We approach the residents personally, by considering their needs and requirements.


We are located in the area of Pärnu beach where our residents can enjoy beach, fresh air as well as visit cafes and attend cultural events.


The house is surrounded by green park, offering exciting activities, nice sitting places and promenades.


The famous Pärnu beach with all its attractions is located only at the distance of 300 m, Wasa and Estonia SPA 50 m and theatre Endla 900 m from the elderly home.


MTÜ eakatekodu SÕPRUS

Suvituse 7, Pärnu 80010, Estonia

Phone: +372 6450051


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