We have created homely and cosy environment meeting the needs of the elderly

at every step and making the time away from home nice and comfortable.


The founders of elderly home SÕPRUS discovered that the parents and grandparents of their close people found no place in the City of Pärnu where to spend their well-deserved retirement.


Thus it was naturally concluded that such place needs to be founded.


15 JANUARY 2019


The house of elderly home SÕPRUS includes total of 35 bedplaces: 7 single rooms, 12 double rooms and 2 suites.  The rooms are well-lighted and furnished classically. The size of the average room is 20 m² with spacious bathroom and balcony or terrace. The suite, having a private living room besides the abovementioned, can be also chosen for living.


All rooms include necessary equipment for disabled to ensure secure living environment for the people with reduced mobility (handrails, non-skid surfaces, no sills etc).


The resident can also take along personal furniture and other fitting elements creating the extra feeling of home upon agreement.


The house includes rooms where to spend nice time together or with the visiting family members. During cold and dark season it is cosy to sit in the closed terrace or rest room and watch TV and home cinema. It is possible to use computers and internet and borrow books in the library. The home kitchen enables to bake and celebrate important events among the dearest. It is possible to buy fresh coffee and cakes as well as sanitary items in the cafe.


The elderly home is surrounded by green park: park tracks, primeval trees, benches, flower beds and lots of clean and fresh sea air. If you feel like it, walk to Pärnu beach just 300 m from home, Endla theatre or the cafe or SPA located nearby.


We offer favourable overnight stay possibility for the guests of the residents of the elderly home SÕPRUS,

starting from 30 € /day. You have this opportunity, if you wish to stay longer.


There are lots of activities also for children: playground, playroom, toys, cartoon channels and big fridge filled with ice-cream. 


  • Professional and considerate care personnel 

  • 24-hour emergency call system

  • Nurse consultation, if necessary

  • Reminder of taking medicines, following the treatment plan

  • Possibility to order packaged medicines

  • Clean environment

  • Fresh newspapers in the lobby

  • Cafe open every day

  • Morning gymnastics on weekdays

  • Catering 3 times a day, rich buffet

  • Reading-out of newspaper and discussion of topical subjects

  • Arthouse films in the cinema 3 times a week

  • Internet corner with computer and WiFi

  • Library

  • Church service once a month

  • We enable to rent necessary mobility equipment at site

  • Possibility to buy necessary toiletries

  • Non-cash settlement with family upon agreement

  • Hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, cosmetician – all beauty services are available

  • Cosy living environment meeting the needs of the elderly

  • Spacious house and private sitting places

  • Washing of personal laundry once a week (possible to order the service more often)

  • Cleaning of residential room once a week (possible to order the service more often)

  • Participation in events to be held (theatre visit, celebrations of important events, outings etc)

  • Language learning

  • Computer studies

  • Art class

  • Baking of a cake once a week

For additional information please call +372 6450051 and come and see our possibilities. 


MTÜ eakatekodu SÕPRUS

Suvituse 7, Pärnu 80010, Estonia

Phone: +372 6450051

E-mail: info@soprus.ee

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